Welcome to Asakusa, Tokyo!
You luckily come to this hotel –
a crossroad of people,
located in the crossroad of history and culture, Asakusa.
Please enjoy this town like a free bird.
Yes, journey is like a free bird flying.
We guarantee the best experience in this town – Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.
After enjoying a day, you have a comfortable nest – this hotel.
Please enjoy your stay,
please enjoy Hotel Little Bird Oku-asakusa.


Once in a lifetime

ホテル管理人 小島哲郎

Our hotel has the best of “hotel” “vacation rental” and “apartment”.

Our hotel welcomes short stay visitors, long stay visitors –

with independent private room, plenty of equipment for long stay,

hospitality of the owner and rich programs of original experiences…

Our hotel will offer you “once in a life time” experience.

Host of this hotel Tetsuro

View from the rooftop 屋上からの眺め


浅草の酉の市 Tori-no-ichi Festival in Asakusa

浅草の年末の祭りと言えば鷲(おおとり)神社の「酉の市」です。その盛んな様子は樋口一葉の「たけくらべ」の中でも描かれているほど全国的に有名です。浅草の商売人が商売繁盛を祈念し熊手を買うのです。そんな酉の市、今年は11月2日、14日、26日に行われます。管理人は14日の酉の市に行ってきました。 A vary famous festival in Asakusa which is held at the end of the year is Tori-no-ichi in Otori Shrine. This festival is so famous that Ichiyo Higuchi, a famous female author has viewed how great this festival is in her famous novel “Takekurabe”. Merchants in Asakusa come to this festival to buy Kumade …

東京から1時間半、長瀞で鮎料理 1.5 hours away from Tokyo, Ayu fish dish in Nagatoro

東京から車で少し旅に出ると、そこには素晴らしい自然があります。東京観光に来て明治神宮だけ見て帰るのはもったいない、もっと東京近郊の自然も見て頂きたいです。今回はそんな自然の一つ、長瀞の渓流を紹介します。 If you drive a bit from Tokyo, you can meet a great nature. Really sorry many travelers only see Meiji Shrine in Tokyo and get back… Hereby I want to introduce Nagatoro mountain stream, a great nature near Tokyo. 長瀞は東京から車でわずか1時間半。その渓流は絶景です。船での川下り体験もわずか1800円でできます(管理人は昨日長瀞を訪れたものの川下りはしませんでしたが…) Nagatoro is just 1.5 hours from Tokyo by car – and the mountain stream …

銀座で築80年以上のビアホール Beer Hall in Ginza, built more than 80 years ago

東京は第二次世界大戦で空襲にあって多くの建物が消失してしまったため古い建物は少ない。しかし、築80年以上たった由緒あるビアホールが、なんと銀座の真ん中にある。これは、東京に来たらぜひ来て頂きたいビアホール。その名も、ライオン銀座七丁目店。 There are few old buildings in Tokyo as Tokyo was mostly burnt by air attack in World War Two. But you can still visit a beer hall which was built more than 80 years ago, and located in the center of Ginza! This is a beer hall which you must visit when you come …