Welcome to Asakusa, Tokyo!
You luckily come to this hotel –
a crossroad of people,
located in the crossroad of history and culture, Asakusa.
Please enjoy this town like a free bird.
Yes, journey is like a free bird flying.
We guarantee the best experience in this town – Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan.
After enjoying a day, you have a comfortable nest – this hotel.
Please enjoy your stay,
please enjoy Hotel Little Bird Oku-asakusa.


Once in a lifetime

ホテル管理人 小島哲郎

Our hotel has the best of “hotel” “vacation rental” and “apartment”.

Our hotel welcomes short stay visitors, long stay visitors –

with independent private room, plenty of equipment for long stay,

hospitality of the owner and rich programs of original experiences…

Our hotel will offer you “once in a life time” experience.

Host of this hotel Tetsuro

View from the rooftop 屋上からの眺め


三社祭 Three shrines festival

浅草の名物と言えば三社祭。浅草っ子みんなが神輿に殺到する東京最大の祭りです。が、今年はコロナの影響で本来5月にあるはずだったのが10月に延期、さらに開催も危ぶまれたのですが…浅草っ子の意地で、トラックに神輿を載せて三社祭を行うこととなりました!ということで当ホテルの前を神輿が通ったのを録画しましたので下記のリンクをご覧ください。 The famous festival in Asakusa is “Sanja-Matsuri” – Three Shrines Festival. This festival is the biggest festival in Tokyo, all residents in Asakusa rush into the portable shrine which goes around Asakusa town! – It is originally scheduled in May, but due to COVOD 19, it was postponed to October, and it was still …

責任ある外国人労働者受入れプラットフォーム Japan Platform for Migrant Workers toward Responsible and Inclusive Society

ホテル管理人は普段ホテルの管理や予約受付、掃除などをする一方、実は日本における外国人労働者の待遇改善問題にも取り組みたいと思っています。ということで、今日発表になった「責任ある外国人労働者受入れプラットフォーム」のホームページやロゴデザインの制作管理、管理人が担当しました。皆さんぜひこの問題に関心を持ってください、宜しくお願いします。 Manager of this hotel has his routine work like management, reservation control, cleaning of this hotel. But I also have an ambition to contribute to creating better environment of foreign workers in Japan. As a result, I worked as producer of logo and website design of “Japan Platform for Migrant Workers towards Responsible and …

入谷の羽根つき焼きおにぎり Baked rice ball with a wing in Iriya

ホテルから歩いて8分くらいのところに、最近テレビで話題の「羽根つき焼きおにぎり」のお店がある。焼きおにぎりと言えばおにぎりに醤油を塗って焼いたもの、というのが一般的な感覚だが、その焼きおにぎりの味のバリエーションを豊富にそろえ、さらにおせんべいのような羽までつけてしまったのがここの焼きおにぎり。買って食べたらとにかくおいしい!写真は「牡蠣醤油バター&レモン」「天使」「大葉と煮干しの焼き味噌」「チーズリゾット」の4種、どれも絶品。ここはイートインは4席しかないものの夜お酒も飲めるので、当ホテルに宿泊の際にはぜひお立ち寄りください! 8 Minutes walk from our hotel, there is a restaurant of “baked rice ball with a wing” which is recently interviewed by many TV programs. We regard “baked rice ball” as a rice ball with soy sauce and baked, but this restaurant develops variety of tastes of this baked rice ball, and spread edge …