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第一弾は千葉の小江戸「佐原」の紹介。下記の動画をご覧下さい。「Tokyo Experience Guide」のページにも掲載しました。これからどんどん動画を制作・掲載しますのでお楽しみに!

The pandemic by COVID-19 is still going on, but hopefully next year we might be able to welcome guests from abroad again.

We want to offer “never met experiences in Tokyo” for the guests. We want to offer brand new attractiveness of Tokyo that isnot written in guidebooks.

We start total renewal of HP of this hotel. We want to introduce unknown sightseeing spots, experiences and others that is not written in guidebooks through video format.

First video is about “Sawara”, Little Edo in Chiba. Please see the movie below. This video can also be seen in the “Tokyo experience guide” page. We will produce more movies, please watch out!

東京オリンピック Tokyo Olympic Games


Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 stated from July 23rd. Our hotel ought to have welcomed many foreign travelers from overseas in this Olympic term, but unfortunately now we have no spectators due to COVID 19. But still this is a very precious opportunity for people all over the world to see Japan. Please enjoy Olympic Games, please enjoy sceneries of Tokyo!


JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization) released a very impressive video, please enjoy.


Japan is still suffering from COVID-19, but we have a lot of great meetings in this hotel. We recently touched upon great faith of our guest, we also recently have a great conversation with an owner of a curry restaurant in Asakusa – we are now confident foreign travelers will soo come back to Asakusa! I will soon re-design the website of our hotel, will introduce more attractiveness of Tokyo and Asakusa. Please watch us! 

ワクチン接種しました Vaccinated!


I am manager, happy to report I had the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine.


As I am in the position of welcoming guests, I really wanted to get vaccinated as soon as possible, so I feel relieved.


Please feel safe to come to HOTEL LITTLE BIRD OKU-ASAKUSA!

河口湖のラベンダー Lavender in Kawaguchi Lake


Furano in Hokkaido is famous for lavender, but in fact we can enjoy full of lavender just less than two hours from Tokyo by car – Lake Kawaguchiko, just beside Mt. Fuji. Now “Lake Kawaguchiko Herb Festival” is held so I visited there.


Please see the lavenders below.


After seeing lavender, we enjoyed “Hoto” – Yamanashi’s delicious local noodle dish with thick hearty noodles cooked with seasonal mushrooms, chicken, pork, fried bean-curd, pumpkin etc.

Lake Kawaguchiko


P.S. There is a very good hotel operated by a friend of us in Lake Kawaguchiko. Please stay in this hotel when you visit Lake Kawaguchiko, quite near Fujisan station!

長く滞在頂いたお客様への感謝、そして不動産業のご紹介 Appreciation for a long stay guest and introduction of housing service


As I am managing a hotel, this is my fate to fall apart with guests. But a recent farewell is a special one.


A guest of husband and wife started staying at our hotel from last September when they came back from US for self quarantine. They liked this hotel in Asakusa and said they will stay in this hotel until they find a good job. They stayed in our hotel until this May, stayed for more than 8 months.


We exchanged sweets, enjoyed festivals, talked about their updates for occupations. Room keeping of every week was also s good habit for us. They finally got a good job and wanted to find a new room – this is just the timing for me to utilize my another occupation as a housing representative. We started finding a good room together, looked for many rooms and we finally succeeded to find the best room for the guests. They started a new life in the room we introduced from this month.


I, the owner of this hotel got license of housing representative in order to look for the place to build this hotel, but I feel joy to utilize this license for hotel guests. We are currently having two requests from hotel guests to look for the room after they stay in our hotel.

HOTEL LITTLE BIRD OKU-ASAKUSAでは滞在客の皆様のお部屋探しもお手伝いします。気軽にご相談ください。

HOTEL LITTLE BIRD OKU-ASAKUSA can help guests to find a room in Japan. Please fell free to consult us.

最近の素敵なお客様 Recent great guests


Recently we welcome many guests who saw official website of our hotel and directly books our room. We also welcomed great guests recently so hereby let me introduce those guests.


A guest coming back to Japan from Cambodia and stayed in our hotel for self quarantine – he gives us sweets and tea of Cambodia for souvenir. We gave him Asakusa sweets for return, and then we exchanged sweets repeatedly during his stay. After having good relationship, he introduced us a Japanese whistle teacher so that we can create a new experience menu of our hotel. We really appreciate him.

そして、アメリカから帰国されたお母様と4歳のお嬢さん。この4歳のお嬢さんが毎日管理人室に来てくれて私に「Hey, look!」と言って買ってきたおもちゃやらお菓子やらを見せてくれ、とても楽しい滞在でした。お客様がチェックアウトされるとき、家族が旅立つのを見送るような気分になりました。

We also welcomed mother and a daughter of 4 years old from US. This 4 years old girl visited my room every day, says “Hey look” and show toys and sweets she bought, gave us a lot of fun. I felt like sending a family when they checked out…

こんな素敵なお客様がホテルのGoogle Mapに素敵なメッセージを寄せてくれています。こんな素敵な思いを味わえて幸せです。

Those great guests gave us great messages to out Google Map page. We feel happy having this great experience!

浅草の桜は世界一 World’s best cherry blossom in Asakusa


Japan is now a season of cherry blossoms – our hotel is located in Asakusa, one of the most beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan can be seen, but really sorry we cannot let foreign travelers see this cherry blossoms due to COVID 19. Hereby let us share the photos taken today.

隅田公園 Sumida Park

山谷掘公園 Sanyabori Park

今戸神社 Imato Shrine


Hope Many foreign travelers can see this beautiful cherry blossom next year!

湯島天神の梅 Plum tree in Yushima Tenjin


Spring has come to Japan! Spring of Japan begins with blooming plum flowers. Kairakuen, located in Mito, Ibaragi prefecture, is famous for plum flowers, but we have another plum flower spot in Tokyo – Yushima Tenjin, This shrine enshrines Michizane Sugawara who is famous for super intelligence so Michizane Sugawara is also known as a god of examination, many students who prepare for examination rushes to Yushima Tenjin for wishing. Today we visited Yushima Tenjin to see blooming plum flowers, please take a look.


It has been a year since foreign travelers cannot come to Japan, we feel really pity that we cannot guide foreign travelers to this beautiful scenery of Japan. We hope this COVID-19 pandemic will be soon over and we can guide foreign travelers to this beautiful scenery of Japan soon.

Yushima Tenjin

2021年新年の浅草寺 Sensoji temple, a new year of 2021


A happy new year! as this is a beginning of 2021, I visited Sensoji temple in the midnight of a new year day. People was far less than last year – probably due to absence of foreign travelers, cancelation of all night operation of trains, serious spread of coronavirus… but still many people visits a new year pray to Sensoji temple.


We welcomed guests to all rooms this year again – managed to run this hotel for a year, welcomed a lot of great guests, this is really a joy for us, and we hope we can give joy to more guests as we have Olympic games this year. Wish 2021 is a happy year for you!

嵐の3歳児との思い出 Memories with the stormy 3 years old boy


Fell on guest loss again. This time it is caused by the three years old boy who checked out today. He shined our hotel for the last two weeks like a real family.


The three year old boy appeared in front of me with his mother in Haneda Airport two weeks ago. I drove them from airport to the hotel for just 3 minutes but he says the drive was such a fun, which pleased me a lot. For the last two weeks he visits my room everyday and asks a lot of questions (air conditioners, personal computers, my clothes…), when he leaves my room he always waves hands, says bye-bye. He runs and jumps in the room naturally as he is just three years old, but his smile makes everybody happy.


This morning when I sent off the boy with his mother, I really missed him just like I was separated with my family. The last moment I saw him was in the taxi, he waved hands and said bye-bye as always, and I will never forget this scene… But this is probably what hotel business is like, create family everyday, miss family everyday. I really thank this boy who brings happiness to me and our hotel!