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第一弾は千葉の小江戸「佐原」の紹介。下記の動画をご覧下さい。「Tokyo Experience Guide」のページにも掲載しました。これからどんどん動画を制作・掲載しますのでお楽しみに!

The pandemic by COVID-19 is still going on, but hopefully next year we might be able to welcome guests from abroad again.

We want to offer “never met experiences in Tokyo” for the guests. We want to offer brand new attractiveness of Tokyo that isnot written in guidebooks.

We start total renewal of HP of this hotel. We want to introduce unknown sightseeing spots, experiences and others that is not written in guidebooks through video format.

First video is about “Sawara”, Little Edo in Chiba. Please see the movie below. This video can also be seen in the “Tokyo experience guide” page. We will produce more movies, please watch out!

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